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A major update!

Since I don't hold sprees very regularly these days... I've decided to post up stuffs to sell here. 

As for the stuffs I'll be selling...
Most of them will be brand new, and a couple of pre-loved branded apparels! We'll see. I've too many impulsive buys lying in my closet.

++ I'll be sharing a rental space with a friend at Fashion Party @ Laissez Faire on 16 June, from 1pm to 8pm. We'll be selling apparels (think pretty dresses, vests, cuffed shorts and pretty shrugs!) at awesomely reasonable prices! We're giving you a professional photoshoot for every $50 spent!

Do drop by if you're on your way to town!
Register here now to get your free cup of gourmet black coffee at Laissez Faire Cafe if you're dropping by! See ya! (:

As for sprees...
1. I'll be buying stuffs from ALLOY again, so do watch this space! You need to be a member of this community in order to view and participate in the spree. I will most likely be ordering before 25th June. ;D

2. I'm sorry that GAP #1 is taking such a long time to complete. I've gotten external help 'cause of the whole GAP order drama, so you gotta understand that things are bound to be slow. I'll email you guys pronto once I've gotten notification from Sherin. Due to the nature of this spree, I will be doing a mass meetup. Sit back, relax and wait for my email message!

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